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8HR Hand Sanitiser & Protectant

Gearlock 8 Hr Hand Sanitiser & Protectan

8HR Hand Sanitiser & Protectant

GEARLOCK™ 8HR Hand Sanitiser & Protectant is a simple and effective way to prevent contact-based infection. It provides long term antimicrobial defence by destroying 99.99% germs and lasting for up to 8hrs, assuming typical sporting activity.


Think of it as a two-in-one solution — the foam goes on wet to sanitise hands and then as it dries our unique QuatLock technology bonds the active antimicrobial to your hands for long-lasting germ protection. Designed for anyone who wants to support a healthier playing environment.

Available in: 

  • 375ml Foamer

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up to 8hrs continuous protection

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kills 99.99% bacteria 

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moisturises & protects

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durable for contact sport

Introducing QuatLock 

GEARLOCK 8HR Hands contains a unique technology called QuatLock™. QuatLock forms a defensive antimicrobial shield on hands — providing long lasting protection against germs. Each GEARLOCKproduct is formulated differently, so make sure to check the specific durability claim before using.

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Ideal for use in team sports & school sports. 

​GEARLOCK 8HR Hands is alcohol and glycerol-free meaning that even after multiple applications hands remain protected, soft and smooth. It is ideal for use on children.

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